Wellington Point QLD Australia

Wellington Point – Soft Plastic Success

The trip out this Thursday morning had the aim of getting Wellington Point Soft Plastics to work. Changing up what you do is something I believe is key to learning more about fishing. I may not be the most experienced of fishermen, but I like to try new things aiming for one outcome and as many know, getting a totally different outcome.

Wellington Point Weather

At Wellington Point, the low tide was at 6 am, with a wind of 40 km/h expected around 11 am, so not a lot of time between to get out on the Kayak, but we did.

Flathead or bust

My aim for this trip was to target Flathead or reef species using Soft Plastics or possibly Hard Body lures. With it looking at being a not great off-shore breeze there was some flats which should produce Flathead in the right conditions. However, first we managed to take off towards where there should be a reef, however did not find this and rather floated around over some weed beds.

Tackle Used

Looking around forums and other publications it appeared that one of the favorite foods of the elusive (at least on this day) Flathead was the Zman Blood Worm GrubZ. So I set-up my rod with one of these and lathered it up with some scent to go with it.

Soft Plastic Success

Floating over the weed beds there was an abundance of life spotting a couple of turtles, ray’s and even a small shark all in about 70 cm of water. The main aim was to catch something, which happened about 15 minutes into the session with a nice 28 cm Yellow Fin Bream (no picture) and a beautiful baby Sweet-lip 15 minutes after that released after a couple of amazing pictures (below).

This spot is one I will come back to in an attempt to capture a nice Flathead or two as well as search for the Reef, which seems to be very accessible if it is located where I believe. Time, good winds and a sounder will tell!

I had even more success later using Bread for Bream!